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04-10-2019 09:06 час
Gwendolyn Gonzalez ( california , usa ) umorissette@gmail.com
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10-03-2018 10:51 час
thomas ( florida , United States ) zeaamflp@eelmail.com
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06-08-2014 17:00 час
Muhammad Fahad Raza ( Lahore , Pakistan ) m.fahad.raza@hotmail.com

Dear Friend,

I want a pair of puppies kindly let me know if you send to Pakistan and how much will be the cost

29-03-2013 14:35 час
Ausrine ( Vilnius , Lietuva )

Labai liuks svetaine, suzinojau svarbiu dalyku apie Alabaicikus, super:) dabar zinosiu kaip savaji grazuoliuka aukleti:) Nuostabus sunes!

28-09-2012 04:24 час
bob koch ( ramsey , usa ) bobndenise8512@msn.com

like the looks of this breed not looking for a dog right now but maybe later i have a kangal now & a cane corso my kangal is 12 years old & my corso is nine i have 240 ac  farm in southern iowa & have coyotes & bob cats to keep at bay also have some rattlesnakes not good . Also there are other breeders out there what makes your dogs better or lets say different

14-06-2012 12:38 час
Ramūnas ( Vilnius , Lietuva )
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Sveiki, noriu sužinoti koks maistas yra tinkamiausias vidurio azijos aviganiams? Kuom jus maitinate?

13-05-2012 15:55 час
www.Kinas21.Lt ( www.Kinas21.Lt , www.Kinas21.Lt ) icez@mail.com
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07-01-2012 20:19 час
Marija ( Vilnius , Lietuva )

Svetainė- JĖGA!!! Man patinka :)

06-12-2011 01:27 час


19-11-2011 17:46 час
Anthony Calderaro ( Oxford, CT , United States ) calderaroa@gmail.com

I'm very interested in purchasing one of your puppies. Can you please contact me?

Thank you.

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